New & Refurbished IT Products

Amidst the flooding of multiple brands in the market, it has become so challenging for the individual and corporate clients to identify the best products that serve their purpose. To understand what is good for you requires some technical knowledge and once you have identified the right product, choosing a supplier with all the services including after-sales support is also very crucial.

The product experts at Qrystal IT Systems are committed to educating our customers on the products and supporting them to choose the right one. We are also in partnership with all the world-class and user-friendly IT product brands across the globe.

We also provide apt printing machines, plotters and copiers and other solutions to the customer requires focused approach on understanding the requirements based on the industry profile. Cost effectiveness and quality are the most integral decision-making factors when it comes to the selection of the printer, plotter or a copier machine. We at Qrystal IT Systems follows a customer checklist to understand the exact requirements and provide the comprehensive solution from the sales to customer services and AMC. 

Meanwhile, the call for sustainable development and environment protection has raised the demand for used and refurbished electronic goods and IT hardware. It also gives an edge of cost effectiveness to the individuals and corporates. 

The challenge in sourcing the used and refurbished items, however, are its durability and trust on its further life period. 

Qrystal IT Systems ease your challenge by providing you appropriate guidance on the selection of such used products and also serves as a reliable source by providing a wide range of tested, used and refurbished items.

Spare Parts & Accessories

Even the present cloud era business finds immense difficulty in getting reliable hardware support and repair amidst recurring system failures.  The ever-increasing rates of hardware also force companies to keep a reliable set of spares and to keep resources to tackle such kind of accidental failures. But doing this requires a lot of money and effort, which may not be easy in the face of an ever- shrinking IT budgets.

Qrystal IT Systems, which keeps appropriate stocks based on movement and also has a proper vendor management system in place, is there for you to meet all your vital to meager spare support. We keep a track on the spares prices and maintain the stock levels based on the fluctuations. We are also very keen to identify cheaper spare solutions in the market through our research and development team. 

Do reach out to us and get a quotation to understand how cost effective we are in serving you.